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Seawater/Brackish Water Desalination

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Water Quality

Seawater, sub-seawater has the characteristics of high suspended particles, high hardness, high salt content, unstable water quality, and large fluctuation range with seasons.

Treatment Purpose

Seawater is one of the water sources of power plants. Circulating water, boiler feed water, domestic water, etc. can be obtained from seawater desalination system. The water needs to be desalinated by seawater desalination system.

Process Flow Diagram (Featured Process)



Process description

Valveless Filter (VLF): A type of quick filter which does not need valves to switch the filtration and backwashing process. It is composed of filter body, water feeding device and siphon device, instead of a quick filter without valves. In operation, the outflow water level is kept constant, the inlet water level rises continuously in the suction pipe as the head loss of the filter layer increases. When the water level reaches the top of the siphon tube and forms a siphon, the filter layer backwash is automatically started, the wastewater is discharged through the siphon tube. The system could remove the sediment, suspended particles, colloids, etc. in seawater, the general removal rate is higher than 90%.

Multiple Media Filtration (MMF): Suspended particles and colloids in water are intercepted at the surface or internal gaps of the quartz sand bed and anthracite layer of the filter when water or wastewater pass through, thus clarify the water. The Turbidity of inlet water is normally smaller than 20, the turbidity of discharge water is capable of less than 3. The system could remove the suspended particles, colloids, etc., the removal rate of suspended particles could reach more than 95%.

Seawater RO (SWRO): Reverse osmosis, a membrane separation operation that uses pressure difference as driving force to separate a solvent from a solution. Pressure is applied to the liquid on one side of the membrane. When the pressure exceeds its osmotic pressure, the solvent reversely penetrates against the direction of natural permeation. Thus, permeate is obtained on the low-pressure side of the membrane and concentrate is obtained on the high-pressure side. The system could desalinate raw water, the desalination rate could reach more than 97%.

Remineralization (RM): Adjusting pH, adding minerals such as calcium to the product water to adjust the alkalinity and hardness of RO product water, so the water will not cause scale or corrosion, or corrode the water transfer pipes. The system could mineralize SWRO product water to meet the water quality requirements for industrial or domestic water.

Process Advantages

(1)Membrane Seawater Desalination Technology: Adapts valveless filter, microfiltration, reverse osmosis and remineralization technology, the whole process is physical process with no phase change and no secondary pollution.

(2)Wide Range of Adaption: The technology can adapt to 10000 mg/L to 35000 mg/L seawater and sub-seawater, especially those with high fluctuations in water quality with seasons and water intake locations.

(3)Ultra-flexible Design: Divided into pretreatment module, desalination module and remineralization module, can operate separately, flexible assembly is possible base on the inlet water quality.

(4)Short construction period: Using modular design, individual module is integrated in the factory, reducing on-site work, realizing containers assembly, reducing civil construction period, thus reducing construction period.

(5)Low Operating Cost: Energy recover system fitted in the RO module, can greatly reduce operating energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

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