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Jingning County Landfill 150tpd Leachate Emergency Treatment

Jingning County Landfill 150tpd Leachate Emergency Treatment

Jingning County Landfill 150tpd Leachate Emergency Treatment

Water Quality

Leachate is a high-concentration organic wastewater with complex composition. Its properties depend on the composition of the garbage, the particle size of the garbage, the degree of compaction, the climate of the site, the hydrological conditions and the landfill time. Generally, it has the following characteristics:

1、The water quality is complex and varied, and is highly harmful.

2、The concentration of CODcr and BOD5 is high, and the highest CODcr and BOD5 can reach 90,000 mg/L, 38000 mg/L or even higher, respectively.

3、High ammonia nitrogen content, and increased with the extension of landfill time, up to 1700mg / L.

4、high levels of toxic and harmful metals.

Treatment Purpose

The ammonia nitrogen content and CODCr of leachate are high, which makes the surface water body lose oxygen and the water quality deteriorates. nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are the cause of eutrophication of water bodies and may also seriously affect the drinking water source. There are many organic pollutants in the leachate, up to 77 kinds, including 5 kinds of cancer-promoting substances and auxiliary carcinogens, is listed in the “blacklist” of China's environmental priority control pollutants; Landfill leachate contains more than 10 kinds of metal ions, which can seriously inhibit the biological treatment process. Therefore, the treatment of leachate has reached a very urgent level.

Process Flow Diagram(Featured Process)


Process Description

² Tubular Ultrafiltration (TUF): The structure of the tubular ultrafiltration membrane is that the membrane is cast inside the tube of porous material. The water containing the filtered material (solid) passes through the membrane and then passes through the porous supporting material to enter the product water side (water is purified). The solid particles intercepted by the membrane will not stay on the surface of the membrane under the impetus of the water flow, but will have a certain flushing effect on the membrane surface to prevent the contaminants from staying on the membrane surface. Unlike ordinary hollow fiber ultrafiltration, the tubular ultrafiltration membrane can withstand a very high sludge concentration of 2 to 5%, and a very high pH value, it can work normally and stably under the condition of pH = 14.

² Disk Tube Reverse Osmosis (DTRO)DTRO membrane is the core components of realizing the separation of fresh water and impurities. It is made of polymer materials; aromatic polyamide has excellent chemical properties and is selected as the material of the disc diaphragm. Wastewater is pressurized by the inlet pump to obtain initial pressure and filtered by cartridge filter, then pressurized by high-pressure pump to provide pressure difference. The circulation pump provides large flow rate to meet the flow rate requirement of DTRO membrane surface, the liquid flow “S” shape in the disk channel, small molecular particles, dissolved ions, and the like in the liquid are trapped on the concentrated water side, and the permeated fresh water is collected to become a clean filtrate.

Process Advantages

(1) Flexible Operation:As a set of physical separation equipment, DTRO membrane system is very flexible and can be operated continuously or intermittently. It can also adjust the series-parallel connection of the system to meet the requirements of water quality and quantity.

(2) Short construction period, quick commissioning and start-up:The construction of the DTRO membrane system is mainly for mechanical processing, with the construction of supporting workshops and pools. The scale is small and the construction speed is fast. After the equipment arrives at the site, it only takes about two weeks to install and commission.

(3) High degree of automation and easy operation:The DTRO membrane system is fully automatic. The whole system is equipped with a complete monitoring and control system. The PLC can automatically adjust according to the sensor parameters and send out alarm signals in a timely manner to protect the system. The operator only needs to find the error code according to the operation manual to eliminate the fault. No excessive requirements for the operator's experience;

(4) Small Footprint Area:The DTRO membrane system is integrated, and the ancillary structures and facilities are also small structures so footprint is small.

Case Introduction





Project Name

Jingning County Landfill 150tpd Leachate Emergency Treatment



Jingning County Landfill



Jingning, Zhejiang


Raw Water Quality Characteristics

CODcr (mg/l) ≤ 18000

NH3-N (mg/l) ≤ 2000

TN (mg/l) ≤ 2200

Conductivity (μs/cm) ≤ 21000

pH ≤ 6.7-7.8


Product Water Quality Requirements

The product water meets the standards of Table 2 of the Pollution Control Standards for Domestic Waste Landfills (GB16889-2008).





System Recovery Rate



Process Selection

2-Stage DTRO


Project Characteristics and Highlights

1. The core components of the system adopt imported brands, with excellent equipment quality;

2. The system adopts fully automatic setting, without excessive manual control, saving customers' manual investment, facilitating management and ensuring stable operation of the system;

3. The system adopts high standard design and manufacturing standard manufacturing system, and the equipment is well-processed and of excellent quality

4. The equipment is highly integrated, the system can be flexibly assembled to shorten the on-site construction period;


Total Duration

2 Months


Construction Time


Completion Time




The project has been successfully accepted and is currently operating well.

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